Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Let The Good Times Roll

This past week has been crazy busy with birthdays! We celebrated America's freedom day, Emily's big two one, and Eliot's bday too! It's been lots of fun letting our hair down a little here and there to celebrate these moments that only come once a year for everyone. Thanks to all who participated and donated their time and baking skills. It's been a fun week:)


Also, we are going to start doing weekly spotlights on the blog for ecos who were caught doing something good for a guest or fellow coworker. So, if you guys see something and would like to nominate someone for the spotlight that week, LET ME KNOW. I'm only at the zoo three days a week, so your eyes and ears are my best luck at making this blog a success.

To celebrate how awesome you guys still are, I made a video. Again, not everyone made the cut, but there will always be another one soon, so no worries:) You are all extremely hard working, genuinely good individuals. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of you. So thanks for being great, enjoy the vid:)

p.s. The video was edited great and then I published it and some of the cuts got messed up, so I apologize if it bugs you, just know it bugs me too!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

One Hot Month Down....

It's been a scorcher out there y'all. I've been working on some other topics for this blog so I took a break and made a video to celebrate our team making it through our first HOT summer month as ecos. I didn't get every single person in the video this time, but no worries, there will be more to come!:) Also, just a note, the blog is A LOT better if viewed from a computer, the mobile version is poop. Just an FYI. Anyway, a couple of the pictures in the video are from our facebook page, so huge thanks to whoever posted them. And just a huge thanks to our team for being so dedicated, fun, and a great group of people to be around. Two more hot months to go! Let's keep it up!:)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Welcome to the Blog!

Welcome Everyone! This post is the first of many that will contain all there is to know about surviving eco life, keeping up on the jokes, highlighting the good times, and other awesome nonsense. As you all know, it takes a special, and I mean special, person to be an eco. Nevertheless, we have an amazing team. We work hard. And we deserve to be recognized. Even if it is just by our fellow coworkers. This blog is run by me, ShaNae, but is heavily reliant on YOU for its ongoing success. If you have topic ideas, announcements, funny pictures or videos, etc. that you would like to see on the blog, do not hesitate to send them my way and we'll get 'er done. This site will be constantly changing and improving. Suggestions are always welcome. I'm so proud to be a part of the 2015 Eco Explorer team. As I said, we have such a great group and AMAZING bosses. Thank you Alexis and Rebekah for being two of the most fabulous, ridiculous, supportive, hard working people I've ever met. I'm sure the rest can agree, this will be a summer to remember thanks to you two.

So, for the first post I thought I'd do a 'How To' piece. We all know working more than five days in a row can be rough, especially when it's enduring 100 degree weather, dumb people, lost parents, and melted ice cream.

So here's my two bits: Five Ways to Survive Your Five Days In a Row.

1. Chamomile it to bed.

I have the HARDEST time falling asleep. Even after working a long day at the zoo. And the one thing that makes those five (or two) days even harder? Not getting GOOD, adequate amounts of sleep. So take a stroll down to your nearest farmers market and invest in some GOOD chamomile tea. It works wonders.

2. Make yourself a most excellent playlist.

When I meet a person that tells me they don't like music I immediately don't trust them. They're hiding something. Music is life. Bumpin' to some good tunes on the drive to work gets me pumped enough to deal with all those lost parents I'm bound to run into that day.

3. Decompress on your breaks.

I don't care how you do it. For me, it's sometimes hiding in a corner of the zoo where I don't have to talk to or see anyone for 30 minutes. I am a proud introvert. For others, it's just getting a mouth full of cold ice cream. Or for Sam, French fries. Whatever works right? Just don't get stuck checking your bank account or studying the explorers club script during your break. Those breaks are for YOU, designed to make you more effective as an explorer when you step back into the park. Leave the studying for a different time.


I have made the mistake of eating out for almost every meal for three days in a row when I was working. This may work for some people. But I almost died. It wasn't until I had to start being REALLY careful about everything I ate that I did research, took classes, and began comprehending just how much food affects your performance, mood, and sleep. Eating right and drinking enough water is huge. Really hard when you're a busy human, but still huge. If y'all give up on trying this tip, you can always stop by my place and enjoy homemade bread and jam and some veggies from the garden:)

5. Laugh. A Lot.

Laughter is medicinal. It can truly turn a bad day into an 'oww my stomach hurts and I'm crying' day. There have been days where I've come to work in a bad mood despite my greatest efforts, but the mood doesn't last because we have a hilarious team and an Emily that speaks in superlatives on the drives home. Let's do our jobs, and do them well, but not take each other too seriously. That way, if anyone comes to work having a rough one, we can crack a joke or pull a face and help them get through the day. And if that doesn't always work, you can always enjoy some Jimmy Fallon at home, scroll through some vines, or join us at the Wairhouse.

So, here's to good times, and many more to come. Let's make this summer one to remember. I am honored to be sharing it with you all. 'Til next time!